Watch MagicLinks Co-Founder Brian Nickerson on the VideoInk Podcast!

Most influencers are just like you: Regular people without a background in affiliate marketing, ecommerce, and software coding. That’s precisely why MagicLinks exists, to help influencers monetize their videos quickly and easily, without having to apply to a zillion affiliate programs, develop brand relationships on their own, navigate HTML code, and spend hours doing SEO research.

Recently, our CEO and co-founder, Brian Nickerson, sat down with Jocelyn Johnson, founder of the top industry podcast VideoInk. He discussed how MagicLinks enables big-name influencers like the GlamTwinz (Kelsey and Kendra murrell) and Keaton Keller to engage authentically with their fans, and earn a great income while doing so.

We’ve embedded the video below, but you can also click over to the VideoInk to subscribe to their podcasts and posts – they’re a MUST-follow for any creator.

*cover image courtesy of Search Engine Land.

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