“Success Is Like An Iceberg”: CEO Brian Nickerson and Influencer Elle Florence Discuss Authentic Social Commerce

Elle Florence is basically who we want to be when we grow up: A successful attorney, an entrepreneur with her own jewelry design business, Nouvelle Pearl, and a popular YouTuber. Seriously, we don’t know when this #girlboss sleeps!

Recently, our CEO and co-founder, Brian Nickerson, traveled to meet Elle in Vancouver, British Columbia. They sat down for an in-depth chat about building your brand as an influencer and entrepreneur, maintaining authenticity, and more.

Our favorite quote from her? “Success is like an iceberg” – you don’t see the foundation of hard work and tireless effort that has gone into the final result, but it’s there, beneath the surface.

The full video can be seen below, but you’re definitely going to want to check out Elle’s YouTube channel! We know you’ll be an instant fan of Elle, just as we were.

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