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  1. Lisa Brady says

    Hi Janet,
    Thanks for the Advice, So far I’ve been a silent Pinner that got lucky through my love of fashion and everything visual. I have attempted blogging but I get carried away, so I have a deep respect for all my blogging/influencing Sisters out there who have allowed me to join there facebook groups and shared all their challenges and successes and am aware of the effect these Strange people who try to cut them with cruel and hateful comments the best way to get them back is to be successful. A common thread is a hate comes when they read of something good happening and that says a lot about these people it says there miserable so to remove their ability to pour their poison on other peoples joy by removing their voice is unbearable for them. I am sure you are aware that several groups actually keep a troll register its got to be put in the new rules for confidentiality but it comes under hateful and inflammatory clauses ok well I’ll finish my blog on your blog now : ). I have seen you about I will look you up.

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