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Retailer Spotlight: Soundcloud Launches with an Average 50% Commission!

Let’s be honest: When’s the last time you bought the actual, physical CD of a new album from your fave group? 2007? Yeah, that sounds about right. With the advent of MP3s and streaming music services, there’s no need to cart around a huge CD wallet of discs: Everything’s right at your fingertips, 24/7.

Soundcloud is here to help you and your subscribers discover amazing new artists, reconnect with old favorites, and share awesome tracks with friends. With over 150 million tracks and counting, there’s something for everyone. Creators can get in on the action too, uploading their latest and growing their audience!

Best part? Soundcloud is offering some amazing commissions. For the $3.99-per-month plan, you’ll get a flat $2.50 gross commission with a 7-day cookie window. For the $11.96-per-month plan, the commission increases to a flat $5.00 with a 7-day cookie window. That’s an average commission of 50%!

Link up to Soundcloud today to take advantage of these awesome commissions!

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