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Retailer Spotlight: Koral Activewear at 20% + 30-Day Cookie Window

Activewear should really be re-termed Everywear, because these days, it’s totally acceptable to hit the grocery store in yoga pants and a crop top, praise be to kale smoothies! That doesn’t mean, though, that modern women want activewear that just looks good and is comfortable – it still has to function when you’re PRing on deadlifts at crossfit, doing savasanas at yoga, or running a 10k!

Koral Activewear totally gets it. Their gear combines Instagrammable style, long-wearing comfort, and technologically-enhanced fabrics that put up with everything your workout dishes out. Case in point? Check out their Evanesce four-way compression fabric, which helps improve mobility, reduce lactic acid build-up, deter muscle fatigue, and increase oxygen delivery to active muscles. It also wicks away sweat, is chlorine-, fade-, and pill-resistant, and is comfortable even in the hottest weather. Amazeballs.

Koral recently joined MagicLinks, and is offering an ultra-premium 20% gross commission rate and 30-day cookie window. Link up today, and try out some of their best-sellers – we love the Advance Versatility Bra ($115), the Forge Mid Rise Leggings ($120), the Muscle Tank ($55), and the Frame Leggings ($139).

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