Retailer Spotlight: Brilliance New York Is Changing the Face of Beauty

Brilliance NY bills themselves as a “beauty powerhouse”, and that couldn’t be more right. Their proprietary line of hair tools, hair care products, and skin care products helps you look amazing with less time and effort. They use the latest technology and innovative ingredients to make sure that every product and tool is the best on the market.

There’s lots of perks to shopping at Brilliance NY, too: Free shipping on orders of $100 or more, a lifetime warranty on ALL products, and frequent sales and coupons. Brilliance New York just joined MagicLinks as a retailer partner, and they’ve already got an impressive 3.1 MagicLinks Retailer Rating. The high rating is due to their excellent overall buying experience, customer loyalty, and premium commission rate + cookie duration.

Want to try some for yourself, and link up to recommend them to your followers? We’ve linked some of our favorite products in the picture above. Pictured: Ruby Face Cream ($72 on sale), Essential Hydration Argan Oil Shampoo ($20), Caviar Magnetic Exfoliating Mask ($150), 4-in-1 4 Piece Glam Setter Clipless Curling Iron ($100 on sale), 24K Gold Indulgence Face Mask Set ($250), 1.25″ Ceramic Diamond Flat Iron in Peacock ($79.20 on sale), Brilliance New York Diamond Drops Serum ($31.80 on sale), and 24K Gold Renewal Collection Facial Oil Serum ($72 on sale)



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