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Nine Things You MUST Do To Get Noticed By Brands

We’ve talked about creating media kits and pitch/ask letters before, but today, we’re going to delve deeper into the big question: How do you, as an influencer, get noticed by a brand?

MagicLinks frequently refer creators to brands for special campaigns (i.e. flat fees, sample products, and sponsorships). When we are compiling lists of creators for a brand to choose from to work with, we look at the top-performing creators in each content vertical, as well as which creators have already consistently generated sales for that brand.

    This is the greatest form of personal brand recognition you can achieve: Demonstrated sales and engagement with your followers.

Brands today want a greater level of performance assuredness when they are choosing creators for campaigns, both with MagicLinks and in reaching out to creators directly.

Who doesn’t love getting an @ mention from their fave creator? Fans love it, and so do brands. When you call out a brand in a post or video, tag them in the photo, description, or comments. Do this routinely, both with username @ mentions and hashtags that the brand favors.

Look at the influencers that the brand works with on a regular basis, and start following them & commenting on their posts – ESPECIALLY the posts where they mention the brand you want to work with.

Most brands are picky AF, and with good reason: They want their brand image to stay pristine and on-message. They want to work with creators who consistently produce high-quality work that’s brand-friendly, fun, and consistent with both the creators’ personal brand and the brand’s aesthetic/message.

There are a frabjillion (totally a number, right?) beauty vloggers & influencers. What makes YOU unique? What makes your personal creator brand valuable to a brand – i.e. what will make them want to do a paid partnership? Are you just RTing everything the brand does, or are you finding new, interesting ways to talk about their latest product launch? Anyone can do a review, but concentrating on your niche (50+ beauty, drugstore beauty, etc) will really drive home your value to brands.

Even if you only have a few thousand followers, brands will look to see if your content is well curated, with a high production value, and demonstrates clear support for their brand.

A brand’s PR department may be run by one person, or dozens. You never know who’s going to read your pitch, so send pitch letters for individual product launches, collections, and more. Keep your name on their minds!

The “about me” sections of your channels are frequently scanned by brands conducting research for campaigns, future products, etc. Your bio should contain information on:

  • Your content niche(s)
  • Media mentions and awards
  • Links to all your other social channels & sites
  • Basic stats about you

We’ll be honest, here: Conferences and other networking events can be really expensive, if a brand isn’t sponsoring you to go. If you are serious about social media becoming your full-time job, however, you have to suck it up and pay for some of these tickets yourself, to get your foot in the door. Attend conferences with your media kit (or a link to it) in hand, business card and phone at the ready, and dressed for success. Talk to everyone you can at the event. Be friendly, be personable, talk up your brand – but don’t forget to ask THEM about themselves.

A brand is made up of PEOPLE. People have feelings. When a person at a brand chooses your channel for a sponsorship, free sample, or partnership, treat them well. Send progress emails, thank-yous, contact them when sponsored posts are live, etc. In other words? Treat them how you yourself would want to be treated.

MagicLinks influencers shown in cover photo are:
Aysha Abdul
Keaton of TechSmartt
Leesha of Xsparkage

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