Considering Others When You Post Online

Social media tends to encourage oversharing and blunt honesty, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Your subscribers want to know the REAL you, to get details on your life, products you love, people you know, and things you love to do.

Until… Until your content exposes or hurts someone you love in real life, offline.

We’ve discussed the importance of protecting YOUR online privacy before, but now we want to turn your attention to your IRL friends and family. Many influencers have experienced relationship breakups because of what they’ve said about partners online, or lost jobs, alienated family members, etc. Just this month, for example, the mother of 9-year-old Instagram star Lil Tay lost her high-end real estate job because of her daughter’s profanity-laced videos.

When you post online, remember to think about others. Ask them in advance if they are okay with you sharing their names, photos, stories, etc. Don’t mention their last names or real addresses/jobs. Ask if they would prefer you blurred their face and/or disguised their voice. Consider how you’d feel if someone posted a ranting, potentially humiliating video or picture of YOU online and identified you by name. This goes double for minors, who may not be able to legally consent to your posting about them.

We’re all for being open and honest with your subscribers, but not at the expense of your loved ones. So, think before you post, okay?



*Image adapted from The Odyssey Online.

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