1. Cynthia Mills says

    This is great information, thank you! I do have one question though – when you say Pinterest will automatically provide you with a selection of images from other pins and from the retailer itself, I’m not sure what that means. When I use the Schedule icon to make a new pin in Tailwind, a single picture comes up; if making a new pin directly in Pinterest I have to upload a picture.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      This is probably because different scheduling sites use different image gathering software than Pinterest, so in these cases, you will probably need to save your own images and upload them in Tailwind.


  2. Lullu says

    Hi! Do we must had the FTC disclosure in your Bio? Isn’t it enough to just put the full disclosure in the pin’s description each time ?

  3. Lisa Brady says

    Thanks that helped a great deal I feel more confident now I was in a state of confusion before.

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