How To Earn $$ and Grow Your Following With Instagram Stories’ New Question Feature

You already know how to add MagicLinks to your Instagram Stories, but we’re here to bring that to a whole new level. Instagram just added a “Question” feature to Stories, which we recommend using in the following ways:

Use it to engage your followers, with leading questions like, “Ask me anything!” and “What new makeup launch do you want me to review next?” We’ve included some great options above from MagicLinks creators Crystal Coons (@sometimesglam), Kylie Dennison (@kyliedennison), and Samantha March (@marchbeautyword). Here’s how to do it, and monetize your Stories even more!

1. Select the Questions Feature (in the GIF/emoji overlay section) and type your question in.

2. Add a “Swipe Up To Shop” text overlay prompt + Graphics

3. Add a “Swipe Up” prompt by adding a link to your Story using the Link icon.

  • 4. When your story is live, add it to your Shopping Highlights Reel on your Instagram Bio page. This will keep the link alive indefinitely, not just for the 24-hour life of Stories.

Oh, and don’t forget that all-important

FTC affiliate link disclosure, mmkay?



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