Get In On Vero ASAP!

A new social media network is creating a buzz bigger than the launch of any other we’ve seen in recent memory: Vero

Dubbing itself, “the anti-Facebook”, Vero promises to use NO algorithms to prioritize posts (as Facebook, Instagram, etc all do). You get a real-time feed of photos, links, movies, TV, location check-ins, and more from your network, with no ads, and no data mining. Companies can’t pay to boost posts, either.

Users can filter what they see AND what they share by groups – Close Friends, Friends, Acquaintances, and Followers. This may prove especially beneficial for influencers, many of whom dislike having to maintain separate social media accounts for their followers and their real life friends & family. It also makes it easy to post affiliate links, i.e. MagicLinks.

At press time, Vero has pledged to offer free accounts to its first one million users. Thereafter, it will charge a small annual fee for use, which helps with their “no ads” promise – though it remains to hether the ad-free state will last.

Curious? Download Vero for Apple or Android phones, sign up, and check it out.



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