Consistency: The (Boring, We Know) Key to Growth and Revenue

Who wants to eat the exact same thing every day, or only watch the same movie every day? Not many people. Consistency is boring, we know, but it’s VITAL if you want your channels to grow and earn revenue. After all, if you were trying to lose 15 pounds, you’d implement a consistent exercise routine and healthy diet – you wouldn’t work out twice, then say, “Ehh, I’m gonna go grab a pizza.” The same goes for growing your social media channels.

Until you’ve built up a large, devoted following, you basically can’t take a vacation from your channels if you’re serious about eventually making it your full-time job. Posting regularly increases your chances of showing up in subscribers’ Instagram feeds, YouTube homepages, etc. Create a schedule (and an editorial calendar) and stick to it, whether it’s a new OOTD photo on Instagram every day or new YouTube videos every Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

What’s your content niche? Beauty? Tech? Gaming? Toy reviews? Whatever your content vertical is, maintaining a consistent theme and message is important. This includes your overall visual aesthetic, your verbiage/writing, and the types of videos or posts you upload most often.

Take a look at your channels. How many videos or posts have you added MagicLinks to? How long have you been a MagicLinks member? Have you gone through old, pre-MagicLinks videos & posts and added links to their descriptions?

MagicLinks’ top-performing creators, like Keaton Keller of TechSmartt, Eun Ju Kim of LVLoverCC, and Arlyne Sanjines all have big followings, it’s true. The most important thing they do to increase their MagicLinks revenue, however, is to ALWAYS add shoppable MagicLinks to

Since MagicLinks are evergreen and never expire, they can continue to earn you clicks and revenue long after your video has been published. The more places you post your links, the more likely they are to get clicked on and purchased through. This means cross-posting your links anywhere and everywhere you can!

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