Brands You Should Know: Vivienne Westwood UK Raises Commission Rate to 15%

We like to think that if we were movie stars, we’d get Vivienne Westwood to make us bespoke red carpet outfits, like she does for stars like Helena Bonham Carter. Vivienne Westwood is the literal textbook definition of “Quirky Feminine Brit-Punk” – or she should be, if she’s not already.

Westwood has been turning the fashion world on its’ ear since 1971, when she opened her first store on the Kings Road in London. Over the years, collections like Punkature (1983), Mini-Crini (1985), Cut and Slash (1991), Anglomania (1993-4), Five Centuries Ago (1997-98), and Nymphs (2002), have completely redefined couture and fashion as we know it.

If you want to inject a bit of that signature Vivienne Westwood style into your everyday life, investing in signature accessories and shoes, like the Pirate Flag Scarf, the amazeballs Pirate Boots, or the Gold Belt Ring, is a great place to start. Link up in your videos, too, since Vivienne Westwood UK recently increased their gross commission rate to 15%. Enjoy, darlings!

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