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Brands You Should Know: Sonos

Audiophiles know that to get concert-quality sound, you used to need fifteen different speakers, about 300 feet of wiring, five remotes, a digital tuner, CD player, record player… It was fairly ridiculous, not to mention distinctly unaesthetically pleasing.

Sonos is changing the speaker & home theater game with sleek, wireless, modern-looking units that are simple to set up for full-home streaming and unparalleled sound quality. Use their Play wireless speakers to stream music, podcasts, phone calls, and more, from just $199. To upgrade your home theater setup, check out the Playbase, Playbar, and Sub, priced from $699.

With the holiday gifting season coming up, now is the perfect time to recommend Sonos speakers & home theater systems to your subscribers. They’re pretty much guaranteed to be a huge hit with music and movie lovers.

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