DJI Makes Filming Fun

When you became a YouTuber, you had to learn a lot about filming equipment, FAST. Viewers prefer watching videos with high picture and sound quality, and cell phone cameras (while they’ve come a long way) don’t cut it for the majority of your videos. You invested in tripods, ring lights, backdrops, microphones… The list goes on. What if it could be simpler? With DJI, it is.

With options for both consumer and professional markets, DJI makes creativity possible. They believe that form follows function, and always design with features in mind first, combining the latest technology with impeccable, dynamic designs. From the Spark flying drone with camera, to stabilized mobile and stationary video filming with the Osmo and Osmo Mobile, to next-level DJI Goggles that give a first-person view of drone flights… It’s all here, and all way ahead of the curve.

DJI is a longstanding MagicLinks merchant partner, and you’ll love their 3.2 Retailer Rating, which is thanks to a solid gross commission rate, incredible cookie window, lack of cashback & coupon site commission loss, and amazing mobile shopping site. Try out the Osmo filming tools, play with the DJI goggles or Mavic drone, and link up today!



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