Althea: K-Beauty for the Masses

The famous ten-step Korean skin care routine goes more or less as follows: 1) Remove makeup using an oil cleanser, 2) Foam cleanser, 3) Exfoliator, 4) Toner, 5) Essence, 6) Booster, amuple, or serum treatments, 7) Mask, 8) Eye cream, 9) Face cream, 10) SPF or night cream. It sounds like a LOT, and it is, but the results truly speak for themselves. Korean culture prizes an even, soft, smooth, glowing complexion that doesn’t need makeup to shine.

Ready to try out some K-beauty skin care and makeup brands for yourself? Althea has just about all of them, from Missha to Innisfree, Demeter, COSRX, Elizavecca, Peoplepie, and more. Shipping is free on U.S. orders of $50 or more, and you’ll get a $20 instant coupon when you create an account! They also have frequent sales, to keep your bargain-loving followers happy.

Althea is a new MagicLinks partner retailer, and we’ve awarded them a 3.0 MagicLinks Retailer Rating for their lack of cashback & coupon site commission loss, mobile shopping experience, and customer loyalty. Link up to Althea today and take your subscribers with you on the journey to glowing skin!



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