Social Media Savvy: Tumblr


YouTube is great, but it’s important to not neglect other social media platforms as you grow your channel and connect with subscribers all over the world. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Twitter, and other platforms are just as important as YouTube, but navigating all of them can get confusing. We’re here to help with a series of tutorials on different social media platforms, to help you maximize your online presence and keep you connected with your subscribers. Today: Tumblr!

Both social network and micro-blogging platform, Tumblr can be seen as a hybrid of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Users can post their own content, or reblog others’ links, pictures, quotes, music, and videos. It became huge partly because of the increase in viewing the internet from a smartphone – it’s hard to read long blog posts on a tiny screen! – and boasts over 110 million users. How can you use Tumblr to your advantage, as a YouTube vlogger? Read on for our top tips!

Exclusive Content

We’ve said it about each of the social media platforms we’ve covered so far: It pays to create exclusive content JUST for your Tumblr to drive traffic to it. Once you’ve uploaded exclusive content, post about it on all your social media platforms and encourage your subscribers to reblog it. The more a Tumblr post is reblogged, the more people see it (duh).

Think Evergreen

Your subscribers want to see what’s new with you, but having a foundation of “evergreen” content, like makeup tutorials or “about me” lists, will help get your Tumblr more firmly rooted in indexing for easier access for people who are searching Tumblr for specific tags – Tumblr’s version of search terms/keywords.


Don’t just post your own stuff! Reblog others’ posts, comment, and grow your audience by interacting with them. It takes time, but it pays off in the long run.

Focus on Your Niche

We’re not saying don’t ever reblog a cute cat meme, but keep your focus narrowed on your primary vlogging topic. Search Tumblr’s trending tags and see if anything related to your genre is currently trending, then add some posts based on that. Staying current is key!

Short & Sweet

Videos that are under 1 minute get 40% more engagement than 10-20 minute videos. Keep it short.

Connect Your Platforms

Add social sharing buttons to your channel and posts, and encourage your users to reblog and post your content. Always link your Instagram images, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, etc, back to Tumblr.